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H.V. Prasad, General Secretary

Foreign Office
T: 0091 8212486486

Informatie bezoek Dattapeetham
To have a convenient stay of foreign devotees/guests in Avadhoota Peetham Ashrama and to be able to plan their stay better the procedure for a visit should be as follows:
Those devotees/visitors who wish to come to Mysore Ashrama should send a mail at least 2 – 3 weeks before the function or their arrival to mail(at) or mail(at) (both General secretary, H.V. Prasad) or foreignoffice(at) (Pingala, coordinator of foreign guests – he will forward it to Prasadi) or inform the reception desk of the main Ashram office by phone, Ph: 0091 – 821 – 2 486 486. They should give the names of the devotees, the number in party and the dates of arrival and departure either in the mail or the phone call.

In case a devotee intends to stay longer than the function period (more than 3 or 4 weeks) or even wants to visit Mysore Ashrama during the non-function time he/she must ask for permission at least 4 weeks or better 2 or 3 months before their visit. He/she can either send a mail to the above mail addresses or communicate the intention by phone to the reception desk of Mysore Ashrama (see phone number above) and call back to ask whether the permission is granted by Sri Swamiji/Prasadi. If the permission is not granted he/she should not try to come to Mysore Ashrama with a long term flight ticket and hope to get a different answer to their request in the Ashrama from Sri Swamiji.

Also devotees with certain ailments or serious physical/mental difficulties should request the Ashrama timely before their visit whether they can come to the Ashrama. It might be a challenge for their health here in India.