Jaya Guru Datta

On account of Sahasra Chandra darshanam Sri Swamiji has instructed devotees to do Bhagavadgita parayanas as many as possible.

Instructions for parayana:

  1. If 9 members form as a group and do parayana it will count as 1 parayana. ( If 9 members are not available, 1 person chanting 9 times or 3 persons chanting 3 times will also count as 1 parayana. In this way for any number of participants below 9, you can calculate and send a count of 1 parayana for a total of 9.)
  2. Those who can complete 30 parayanas in this way by the end of Janyary,2023 can register themselves as a separate group. Those who register like that can submit their count through the app given below and check your own parayana count (not through the Google form given before).
  3. The app will open only when you open it with Google Chrome browser and login to that browser with your mail id.
  4. Those who do not chant daily can submit their count as usual through the Google form already given.
  5. When submitting your parayana count, uploading the photo and all the names of participants is not mandatory. You can submit by just giving the group name and count.
  6. Those who can’t submit their count everyday can submit once in 2 or 3 days as per your convenience.
  7. To register your group or for other details contact the numbers given below.
    Telegram: 9493929600
    Mob/Whatsapp: 8247363079, 9493929600

Sri Guru Datta