Beste vrienden
Hierbij ontvangen jullie de correspondentie met Prasad n.a.v. onze berichtgeving over de satsang van 27 mei j.l.
Jaya Guru Datta
Sri Swamiji was very happy that SGS Benelux conducted Birthday Satsang and Homa.
Sri Swamiji conveys Blessings.
Sri Guru Datta
On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 3:08 PM, wrote:

Dear Prasad, JGD,
Congratulations with His Holiness Birthday.
We send you the list with the participants for the Puja and Homa. Also the list of participants of the day itself.
Please convey our deepest love on behalf of all devotees of St.SGS Benelux to His Holiness.

Sadashiva ( Gert Leerdam) shoot the pictures which you can view on the next site Satsang Verjaardag Swamiji Lelystad, 27 mei 2018:

Ram Sukhai and Harrie Sandhovel
Board St.SGS Benelux