Sri Maha Ganapathaye Namaha ! Sri Saraswathyai Namaha ! Sri Pada Vallabha Narasimha Saraswathi, Sri Guru Dattatreyaya Namaha !

From the past 2-3 days, my mind is very busy. I have cold also. It happens when interacting with too many people. So, I was not sure if I could come or not. I just wanted to come for few minutes and go but since you have come from far off places, I have come here.

Today we are very lucky. Happy New Year ! Happy New Year ! Happy New Year !

For us, Ugadi is considered as new year. But, nothing wrong in celebrating an occassion or festival. This is just for calculation as per numerology. Since, celebrating January 1st has started long ago, we continue to celebrate this. Though we have Onam, Ugadi, Deepawali as our New Year, nothing wrong in celebrating January 1st also. So, today very happy. Now it is beginning of our duties of yearly, monthly and daily. There is a calculation for anything. Without calculation, there is no happiness in this life. We want limitation of beginning and ending. The project beginning and ending. And also, there should be counting for everything. Inhaling and exhaling also, there should be counting. It is computerised. If that bank balance (of inhaling and exhaling) is finished, we are also finished, So it is necessary to have this bank balance of inhaling and exhaling. Balance of longevity, food and prana is very important.

Everything has a count in our life. Without counting, there is no life. The blink of eyes has counting. Heart beat has a count. Blood cells have a count. Prana also has a count of inhalation and exhalation. Count of Hamsas. It has calculations. It is Kaala. Without Kala Yama, we cannot survive. We have to have control on Kaala. It is necessary for counting. The number of food grains we eat also has a count. When a baby is born, we count the beats of heart. That also is Kaala. We bow down and respect this time and Kaala. One of such counting of Kaala is January 1st. Ofcourse, we talk about before christ etc etc. Agree. But inner meaning is counting. Kaala. We shall pray the Lord that atleast from today, may all good happen. Only then we can have Siddhi. Let us pray for Success.
Always, there is fight in life. Struggle for life. Struggle in nervous system. There is no life without struggle. We struggle at death. We struggle during life too. Struggle for eating and sleeping. All this happens invisibly. May this struggle reduce and give peace.

In Mahabharta, the fight between Kouravas and Pandavas is not a story. It has spirituality in it. Who are Kouravas ? Who are Pandavas ? This is a story of our body and our creation. When you see puranas like Ramayana, Maha Bharata, we see fight between Tamoguna, Rajo guna and Satva Guna there too. We see fight between these three gunas. These three gunas cannot be at one place at a time. Poison and nectar both cannot be at one place. Both have their own quality. Both have their own routes. Similarly, Satva, Rajo and Tamo gunas also have their own routes. These three gunas struggle in the body. Struggle is not fighting or war. It means they have contradictory qualities with each other guna. May these contradictions end and may Satva guna succeed. When Satva Guna succeeds, we get mukthi, else no mukthi. For Satva guna to succeed, we must take refuge at Guru. Else Satva guna will not develop. To teach us all this, our calendars and calculations have come into existence. These calculations help us unite with our families and worship God and celebrate the occassions and that is how January 1st as New Year day has come into existence. So, on this January 1st, we all have gathered here at Datta Ashram in the presence of Lord Datta. May Datta Bless us all and forgive all our mistakes. May we take His permission on this New Year to start our duties.

Year 2013. Many are afraid of the number 13. No need to worry of 13 as number 2 is preceded by 13. 2+0+1+3=6. This means this is the year to win over Arishadvargas – the 6 enemies. Bad habits are just not 6. There are many. May we all overcome these bad habits and be blessed by Shanmukha – the 6 faced Subrahmanya. After 2012, (2+0+1+2=5) The 5 faced Pancha mukha Anjaneya has transfered us to 2013, the six faced Shanmukha so we all can win over our arishadvargas. Jaya Guru Datta ! Om Namo Hanumate Namaha ! All of you, before leaving, perform Dwaja Puja and offer Purnaphala to Hanuman. Do not leave without doing this. You all are so lucky. Have Dattatreya Paduka Sparsha, have Laddoo and go ahead according to your programs. Jaya Guru Datta ! Sri Guru Datta !